Stand- and Balanceanalysis with STABLE

Clinical scales, in addition to tests of stance and reach, are often used to rate balance performance. Functional assessments of this type have the advantage that they can be quickly applied and rarely require expensive equipment but they often lack a more detailed rating of impairment. By contrast, posturography is used to measure and quantify postural sway by assessing COP deflections. Force platforms are the gold standard for posture assessment as they exceed many other techniques concerning reliability and simplicity of their design. Recently Clark and coworkers compared COP-data obtained with a Wii Balance Board with a laboratory-grade force platform and reported a high test- retest reliability of the Wii Board for COP assessment in young subjects (Clark et al., 2010).

STABLE is a software that enables you to use commercial force platforms (like the Nintendo Wii Balanceboard©) to assess standing balance.

STABLE Features
- Output: 50Hz
- Live Monitoring
- Live Zooming to detect even minimal deflections
- Wireless Connection to Forceplatform (Bluetooth)
- Create individual trials using different parameters
- provides length of path [mm] and centre of pressure
- provides scaleable svg graphics and jpg / png
- Live COP Calibration
- taskfree application, therefore compatible to clinical assessments like functional reach, Romberg, Tinetti, etc.)

STABLE provides the following data
- Metadata (e.g. date and time of assessment)
- age, gender, height, weight, shoe size
- raw data for each sensor
- Timestamp
- recording time (for each trial) [s]
- Length of Path [mm]
- COP Offset
- COP deflection [mm]
- COP velocity [mm/s]
- confidence ellipses
- COP variance anterior/posterior [mm]
- COP variance medio/lateral [mm]
- Deflection in vertical direction [acceleration] (optional)
- individual remarks made during the recording
- PDF report (

System requirements
- Bluetooth (inbuild or via USB-Stick)
- Microsoft Windows 7© or Windows 8©

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STABLE - Dynamic

allows dynamic posturography using the Stabilisator Therapy (Pedalo©). STABLE - Module "G" recommended!
STABLE posturographie
STABLE posturographie

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These findings suggest that the WBB (Nintendo Wii Balanceboard) is a valid tool for assessing standing balance. Given that the WBB (Nintendo Wii Balanceboard) is portable, widely available and a fraction of the cost of a FP, it could provide the average clinician with a standing balance assessment tool suitable for the clinical setting.
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STABLE was developed for scientific research only! STABLE provides reliable data allowing for pre / post analysis. However, do not use for medical diagnostics without consulting an physician! Contact us for further information

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